Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mary Ellen: joy of the ages

August 13th our sweet new granddaughter, Mary Ellen, became our newest (7th!) delight and I must say, having a new grandchild - even a seventh one - is fully as exciting as every one to come before. Mary Ellen's other grandmother and I stood in that wide familiar hallway listening at the door for any sign that she had arrived, and then Sean emerged wearing that age old paternal smile of enormous relief.She's here! She's fine!
I was struck with renewed wonderment and the recall of that quote which is so succinct;

A new baby is God's desire that the world should go on.
We are a nation at war, with all kinds of troubles and dire predictions of more trouble to come, and yet here is this tiny beautiful face wrapped in her mother's arms, designed to live on this wobbly planet with the radiant possibilities of every child ever born since the beginning of time. Mary Ellen has a divinely determined place, a role to fulfill, challenges to meet, opportunities to seek, lessons to learn and later on, with her own children ~ lessons to teach.

When I look at those infant eyes as they slide to and fro, those curled fists and slender air-dancing feet, I see that already she is preparing to search, to fight for what is right and to leap with joy!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow...
Mary Ellen, Mimi loves you so much!

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