Sunday, June 12, 2011

In lieu of flowers...

Fourteen-year-old Sketchy Meow Dollahon shuffled off this mortal coil early Friday morning.

His glossy black coat had become reddish - so that's how black cats go "grey."

He had lost part of his lip in a backyard fight which resulted in an Elvis sneer, had a ravenous appetite (until recent days) and was a prolific producer of hair balls.

Sketchy was known to the grandchildren as "the nice kitty", as opposed to "the mean kitty", Colette. This was not based so much on measurably nice behavior - Sketchy mostly just sat immobile and looked at you - while Colette strikes horror in the tender heart of each grandchild by the time they are mobile enough to experiance a Collette confrontation.

Sketchy's relentless bawling to get into the house when out or to get out of the house when in - will be missed.

His impressive talents for producing hair balls no one would discover for weeks - having fossilized under the dining room table or behind an armchair ~ and then alternately offering moist wet ones on kitchen countertop, seats of chairs and on papers you wanted to keep - will not be forgotten.

Sketchy was preceded in death by a few days by his actual sibling, Spanky Dollahon, also of Houston.

Companion survivor Collette (aka the MEAN kitty) was consoled with an extra scoop of Tender Vittles. She then vanished to take a nap and could not be reached for comment.

In lieu of flowers, cash or money order donations can be made to assuage the intense grief of Sketchy's caregivers.

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