Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paperweight Babies

One of the cutest stages in babyhood is the "paperweight era". They are pretty, plump and not yet mobile. They are very smiley and drippy about the chin with teething juice. You carry them in and set them down and they sit there and stay put. Generally after a short while they wave their arms as if trying to take off in flight or they might eventually just topple over. No embarrassment or outrage. They act as if they meant to topple over all along.

As if to save face they automatically begin very ernestly to study their fingers, or more likely taste them to see if the flavor might have changed since the morning nap finger-savoring routine.

Nope. Still the same. Pretty good, actually.

How precious are our paperweight babies!


Sherry said...

Our little "Paperweight" grandson is about to take flight. He turned 1 Tuesday and started taking serious steps toward walking on Monday. Now the race (literally) begins :)

Love it, though!

Megan Blinka said...

too cute...i never thought of that stage as "paperweight"...i can't believe ME is gonna be 1 soon!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh, she is so yummy.