Monday, June 15, 2009

Sausage Casing Pajamas

You know what I mean. Those p.j.'s with footies for babies that say they are precisely the right size for a year old child. I don't think so....must be they are manufactured in an island culture where babies remain very slender and tiny instead of getting to look like dimpled dumplings as our USA-bred and fed babies quickly do!

I was trying to dress our grandson for bed, attempting to pull the sleeves over his pudgy wrists without causing him some sort of joint injury. Winston, looking on, remarked, "Isn't that too snug for him?"

"Too snug! You've got to be kidding! Too TIGHT maybe - we are well past the 'snug' stage now!"

Eventually, after much tugging and straining on Mimi's part, said baby boy was all zipped up in what can only be likened to a sausage casing. The back of the neckline was dipping down toward his shoulder blades, his feet had to have been curled up like fist-feet because there was certainly no room for appendages like toes. I looked at the tag. Yep. Size 18 months. He was just over 12 months. Should be roomy, right?

Ah, but what a cute little sausage he was!

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Sherry said...

How funny! Don't you just hate it when clothing is sized incorrectly?

I recently bought my grandson a pack of socks. I purchased the right size but the socks looked as though they were for preemies!

. . . and when I shop for clothing for me, the size all depends upon the brand! What's the deal?