Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby epicurians

Our family enjoys fine dining at home. My brother-in-law could have been a chef. No kidding. Creme' Brulee, ....Seared Duck with Pears, you name it. I scramble when it's my turn to to do the big family after-church Sunday dinner, and Dan holds the bar high.

In the past week, two of our younger granddaughters, Hattie aged 21 months and Wendy aged 19 months have discovered their own epicurian delights.

While seated in the bathtub, Hattie was squirting water out of an empty shampoo bottle into her mouth! "Hattie", I asked, "what are you doing?"

"Drinking," she replied. "It's pretty good!"

Meanwhile in Washington state Wendy and her parents were invited to her father's boss' house for dinner. Wendy found the appetizer dish right away - a bowl of dry dog food on the kitchen floor. Before anyone could move she had sampled a handful. "Good Puffs!" she exclaimed.

Bath water. Dry dog food.

Dan, where did we go wrong?


The Jasters said...

Aunt Penny,
Welcome to Blogland!! I love reading your stories! I'm looking forward to many more.:o)

Oso Famoso said...

That Wendy story is great. "Good Puffs"