Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just the Brown Eyes

Back in the '80's in Maine Walker had an English class writing project - to describe the delights of enjoying a banana split. Took him alone with me to Friendly's which was a sort of sandwich diner/ice cream parlor establishment and somehow or other it was noted that Walker and I were both "firstborns" in our families. Laurel wanted to have a special connection to me as well, so it came naturally down to taking her to Friendly's as "just the girls". Then there was Sean. The baby - not the firstborn. Certainly not a girl. Finally it dawned on me - Sean was brown-eyed like me! So his trec to Friendly's with me was a "just the brown eyes" experiance!

Years later when I traveled to Dallas with Sean and his brown-eyed wife Stephanie and their brown-eyed baby girl Hattie, it was finally another "just the brown eyes" opportunity! Quite an exclusive little group, wouldn't you say?

Mary Ellen is due in August. Chances are she will be an honored member of the "just the brown eyes" group as well!

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Anonymous said...

Hazel eyes rule.