Thursday, May 8, 2008

March 27, 1969

After days of semi-frantic searching, last night I found the "Strawberries for Breakfast" journal this blog is named after...

Here's a poem I had included in the book...I wrote it when Winston and I were teens in high school;

Just Between You and Me

Five years from now, if all goes well
I'll be my true love's wife
And settled cozy, quite content
within a finer life
But will I mourn as many do
the ordeal that my hands
Must endure day after day
among the pots and pans?

Will baby's cry arouse in me
a weary sort of sigh?
Will I resent the steps I take
to see if he is dry?
And could I look upon this poem
if found among old things
As just a simple, idle bit
like pencil stubs and strings?

Lord, if these small and loving woes
can come to me some day,
I'll take great care to see that my
most grateful thanks don't stray.


Anonymous said...

wow. you have been seriously blessed. Happy Mother's day to Walker's mom.

Julie Anne said...

I came here through Missy's site! I read her blog because I had 4 kids in four and a half years, so I am relating to what she says. I love your remembering as well.

Such a sweet poem!!

Linda said...

Hello. I'm a regular at Missy's place just stopping in to "meet" her family! Just between you and me: Is Missy as much fun in person as she is in print? I need to know the real scoop because I'm staying with her at a writing conference! Loved your strawberry story!